> The organizer of production № 1 2019
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Theory and methods of production organization
С. 7-15
V.A. Leventsov He development of the relational interactions of engineering enterprises in terms of import
С. 16-24
O.O. Shendrikova, I.F. Elfimova The study of processes related to digitalization of industrial enterprises
С. 25-33
M.V. Filatova Integration processes as a means of identity development of the production system
The practice of production organization
С. 34-42
M.S. Kuzmina, I.I. Tonkikh Automation of the pricing process as a tool of strategic management of the enterprise of the strategic management of the enterprise of the military-industrial complex in the information economy
С. 43-54
S.B. Suloeva, E.E. Abushova, E.V. Burova Strategic management accounting in the project management system at industrial enterprises
Innovation process control
С. 55-62
M.P. Dudkina, V.I. Mamonov The procedure for the selection of events to be included in development projects and improving production systems
С. 63-71
S.V. Sviridova, E.V. Shkarupeta, S.Yu. Archakova The mechanism of managing the innovative environment of an enterprise in conditions of the digital economy
Logistics of enterprises
С. 72-80
I.V. Кazmina Economic aspects of logistic support applied to technical operation of aeronautical technics in the conditions
С. 81-89
V.A. Uporov Improvement of the production enterprise sales system as necessary element to support sustainable development
Training in the field of production organization
V.N. Rodionova, O.G. Turovets, D.M. Shotylo The application of the project-based method of training in devising a master’s degree course on high-tech production organization
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