> Headings of the periodical

1. Theory and methods of production organization
2. The practice of organization of production
3. Enterprise management
4. Economic problems of organizing production
5. Innovation process management
6. Digital transformation of industrial systems
7. Regional aspects of the organization of production
8. Quality and competitiveness of products
9. Logistics of production
10. Personnel training for organization of production
11. Marketing and Sales Organization
12. Modeling of production systems
13. Economic and information security
14. Scientific reviews
15. Reviews and reviews.

     List of topics given in the journal does not limit authors in choosing a publication topic considering the thematic focus of magazine. Headings can be expanded when the author submit to the editorial board of the journal Contemporary material.

     In this case materials submitted for publication may be of research and problem character; they may contain theoretical compilation of the best practices in the organization of production; materials may contain designs and proposals aimed at the formulation and solution of new challenges in the field of organization and management.