> About the Journal “Organizer of Production”
Information on the magazine «Organizer of production»


     1. The official name of the edition — “Organizer of production”.

     2. ISSN editions – 1810-4894 (print), 2408-9125 (online).

     3. Frequency – quarterly (1 quarterly).

     4. Edition type – the magazine.

     5. Format – the typographical edition, the electronic version.

     6. The status – active.

     7. Subject headings – http://org-proizvodstva.ru/avtoram/rubriki-zhurnala

     8. The publisher – the Voronezh state technical university.

     9. Country – Russian Federation.

     10. The first year of the edition – 1993.

     11. The history – the Magazine is published since 1993. It is registered in the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation in 2002. Name change, and also merge and division of the magazine wasn’t made.

     12. Contents type – the scientific edition.

     13. Editorial characteristic of a content of the magazine (summary): The purpose of the magazine is covering of results of scientific researches of domestic and foreign scientists in the field of the organization of production and synthesis of experience of organizational work at the enterprises and in economy branches. The magazine is calculated on coverage of subject of publications in the directions: theory and methods of the organization of production, management of the enterprises, organization of innovative activity, economic problems of the organization of production. The magazine publishes scientific reviews, scientific reviews and responses. The magazine extends on a subscription in the Rospechat agency and is in a free access of the Internet and the Russian scientific electronic library. The magazine is included in the VAK Russian Federation list.

     14. The address of a site of the magazine – http://org-proizvodstva.ru

     15. Number of pages in release – 90 p.

     16. Parallel names in English – Organizer of Production.

     17. Key characteristics – http://org-proizvodstva.ru/klyuchevye-xarakteristiki-zhurnala

     18. Data on the editor-in-chief – the Doctor of Economics, professor, The deserved economist of the Russian Federation, managing chair of Economy and management at the enterprise of mechanical engineering of the Voronezh state technical university O. G. Turovets, e-mail: oskar-turovets@yandex.ru, ph.: +7 (473) 243-76-67.

     19. Data on the publisher – the Voronezh state technical university. Address: Russia, 394026, Voronezh, Moskovsky Avenue, 14, educational case No. 1.

     20. Data on founders – the International academy of science and practice of the organization of production, Federal research and production center NPK (O) Energy, MATI closed joint stock company – the Russian state technological university of K.E. Tsiolkovsky, FGBOU VO “The Voronezh state technical university”, JSC Informatsionno-izdatelsky and the legal center “Economy and Finance”.

     21. Circulation – 1 000 copies.

     22. The subscription price – 600 rub.