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Journal information


     1. The publisher – the Voronezh state technical university.

     2. Data on founders – the International academy of science and practice of the organization of production, Federal research and production center NPK (O) Energy, MATI closed joint stock company – the Russian state technological university of K.E. Tsiolkovsky, FGBOU VO “The Voronezh state technical university”, JSC Informatsionno-izdatelsky and the legal center “Economy and Finance”.

     3. Founded in 1993.

     4. Frequency – quarterly (1 quarterly).

     5. Registered in the International Center ISSN – ISSN 1810-4894 (print), 2408-9125 (online).

     6. The journal registered in the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Press, Broadcasting and Mass Communications. Registration certificate ПИ № ФС77-75859 of june 13, 2019.

     7. The journal is indexed by the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI). The license agreement № 504-10 / 2012 from October 30, 2012.

     8. The journal has a full text network version on the Internet on the platform of Scientific Electronic Library (www.elibrary.ru).

     9. The Journal is abstracted in refereed journals VINITI.

     10. The Journal is included in the international database of Urlich’s periodicals directory (USA).

     11. Copyright. All rights protected.

     12. No part of the Journal materials can be reprinted without permission from the Editors.

     13. Minimum system requirements:

     – Operating System – MS WIndows XP professional
     – Browsers – Internet Explorer 6.0 и выше, Opera, Firefox
     – Software – Acrobat Reader

     14. Every issue of the Journal is sent to Russian State Library, as well as to other leading libraries, educational and research institutions of the Russian Federation.

     15. The Journal is sent to “Information Telegraph Agency of Russia” (ITAR-TASS).