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     In modern conditions of the Russian Federation economy development organization of production as a scientific discipline and a kind of practical human activities is becoming an important factor for economic growth and ensure the efficient operation of businesses and branches of industry and other branches of material production. The transition of a new technological way causes the need to ensure the development of material and technical base of production and organization of production in their close cooperation. Implementation of new technological processes and introduction of modern means gives the intended effect only if full compliance with forms and methods of organizational performance of production characteristics and requirements of the new logistical production base is provided.

     Development and implementation in enterprises activities improved funds for organization of production push the task of forming the theoretical rinciples and methodological approaches of establishing and effective functioning of the production systems.

     Mainstreaming theoretical foundation and solutions practical problems of forms and methods of production development and operation of production systems in modern conditions determine the role and importance of the publication of the Journal “Organizer of Production”. At the moment the problem of the organization of production there has been increased interest in scientists and workers of businesses, organizations and government agencies, interested in the use of organizational factors to increase enterprise performance.

     In this regard, the publication of the magazine “Organizer of Production” is aimed at increment of scientific and theoretical knowledge in the field of economics, organization and production management as a sphere of scientific activity aimed to find and implement new ways of the practical activities developing effective production systems.

     Activity log “Organizer of Production” involves publishing articles representatives of the Russian and foreign science on organization of production, containing scientific and theoretical practical proposals for the creation of new forms and methods of production corresponding to modern logistics base enterprises and also scientific reviews, scientific reviews and responses.

     To ensure publication in topical articles, contributing to the solution of theoretical and practical problems organization of production in the real sphere of the economy, in the editorial board are included leading scientists of the Russian Federation and foreign countries, whose works make a significant contribution to the development science organization of production.

     We hope that the publication of the magazine “Organizer of Production” at collaboration with scientists of various branches of economics and attention that the magazine pays to compile practical experience allow to contribute to the development of national science and the formation of regulatory guidance documents defining opportunities accelerated adaptation to modern domestic enterprises requirements of organizational and managerial procedures.