> The organizer of production № 3 2017
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Theory and methods of production organization
С. 5-14
Zharikov V.D., Zharikov R.V. The innovative concept of production organization in the new economy (using the example of machine construction)
Enterprise management
С. 15-26
Sviridova S.V., Elfimova I.F., Povekvechnykh S.A. The development of integration cooperation between industrial enterprises based on cluster formation
С. 27-36
Lubnina A.A., Shinkevich A.I., Galimulina F.F., Garipova G.R. The innovative strategy for development and planning of organizational structures of petrochemical enterprises
С. 37-46
Malikova D.M. The methodological fundamentals of software-based project management of defence-industrial production
Economic problems of production organization
С. 47-58
Suloeva S.B.,
Gultseva O.B.
The system of cost management: conceptual provisions
Innovation process control
С. 59-65
Еrshova М.V., Zharikov V.V. New trends in the production of innovative economy
С. 66-75
Fokina O.M., Krasnikova A.V. The commercialization of innovations and its forms in the russian practice
Marketing and sales organization
С. 76-85
Shevchenko M.N. The analysis of marketing environment of enterprises
Modelling the production systems
С. 86-96
Ryzhko A.L.,
Davydov D.A.
Defining the structure of business processes in the architecture of a high-tech enterprise with the help of causal classification (using the example of aircraft construction)
С. 97-105
Skvortsova D.A. The formation of the system of multicriterial personnel assessment using the method of «360 degrees» in strategic enterprise management on the basis of balanced indicators system
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