> The organizer of production № 1 2017
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Theory and methods of production organization
P. 5-15
Krylatkov P.P., Podolyak O.O. The assessment of structural potential of machine-construction enterprises and associations based on the integrity concept
The practice of production organization
P. 16-24
Kalachanov V.D., Efimova N.S.,
Novikov S.N.
The methodology of assessing the need for technical staff in high-tech branches of industry (as exemplified by aircraft construction)
Enterprise management
P. 25-35
Borisenko I.L., Borisenko D.I., Makarov N.N. An approach to enterprise management based on the entrepreneurial leadership style
P. 36-46
Kazmina V.I.,
Safin A.M., Schegoleva T.V.
The basic directions of perfection of Information systems of management by the aviation enterprises on the basis of use of modern computer and information technologies
Innovation process control
P. 47-58
Boeva А.А., Моrdovtsev А.А., Pakhomova Y.V. The integrated approach to the activity of an enterprise director in mastering and selling new products
P. 59-68
Volochienko V.A. The recognition of problem situations as organizational innovation in industrial management
Economic problems of production organization
P. 69-83
Kobzev V.V.,
Izmailov M.K.
The state of the machine-building complex, the problems and peculiarities of the reproduction of fixed assets
Modelling the production systems
P. 84-93
Kovalchuk I.V., Lapshina М.L. Creating the simulation model of operational enterprise management using flow charts
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