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Theory and methods of production organization
С. 7-21
R.L. Satanovsky, D. Yelent Getting synergy in the organization of serial production
С. 22-32
V.V. Reshetov The dynamic catch-up in organizational technologies of competitive production
С. 33-45
I.L. Avdeeva, T.A. Golovina, A.V. Polyanin Use of RFID-technologies in management of production economic systems under conditions implementation of the fourth industrial revolution
The practice of production organization
С. 46-56
N.F. Revenko The methodology of charting the change in the scope of interoperational reserves of unsynchronized production lines
С. 57-68
Е.Y. Nikulina, А.V. Streltsov, G.I. Yakovlev The patterns in modernization of fixed productive assets in industry and business activity
С. 69-78
К.А. Soloveichik, V.A. Leventsov, Е.М. Safronova The model of equipment maintenance planning
Economic problems of organization production
С. 79-91
А.А. Stepanchuk The tools for analyzing the efficiency and sustainability of the economic development of small industrial enterprises
Quality and competitiveness of products
С. 92-102
G.I. Konovalova The concept of building the competitiveness of a machine-construction enterprise in the conditions of rigid market competition
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