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Theory and methods of production organization
PDF PP. 9-17 Shkarupeta E.V., Ilyina E.A. Digital circular economy: concept, model, strategies, framework, technologies
PDF PP. 18-28 Balashova E.S., Malyshev E.A., Machin I.I. To the question of import substitution strategy. Transformation of Russian Industry
PDF PP. 29-40 Konovalova G.I. The concept and methodology of operational accounting at an industrial enterprise under the conditions of digital economy
PDF PP. 41-55 Streltsov A.V., Yakovlev G.I. Problems of managing the renewal of fixed assets in mechanical engineering
Practice of production organization
PDF PP. 56-62 Aleeva A.O. Theoretical aspects and practical experience of organizing production at the enterprise of art-industry
PDF PP. 63-71 Agafonova M.S., Mescheryakova M.A. Features of the functioning of construction enterprises under pandemic conditions and sanctions
PDF PP. 72-82 Potudinskiy A.V., Kazmina I.V., Shchegoleva T.V. Organization of research work at high-tech enterprises of the military-industrial complex on the basis of the construction of a hierarchical model of a hidden spatial network
Innovation process management
PDF PP. 83-96 Klimova I.V., Semerkova L.N. The influence of creative industries on the innovative development of the territory
PDF PP. 97-107 Perederieva S.A. Organization of ensuring the innovativeness of companies
Digital transformation of industrial systems
PDF PP. 108-116 Kazarenkova N.P., Kolmykova T.S., Lobanov I.V. Digital transformation of social business
Production logistics
PDF PP. 117-128 Logun K.A., Zatsepina A.V., Roschupkina I.V. On the readiness of enterprises to automation of logistics functions as an anti-crisis measure under sanctions restrictions
PDF PP. 129-136 Poluektov V.A. Analysis of the impact of transport costs on economic performance of participants in the supply chain
Personnel training for production organization
PDF PP. 137-148 Nagibina N.A. Cost approach to evaluating the hiring of personnel
Product quality and competitiveness
PDF PP. 149-164 Salimova T.A., Guskova N.D., Ivanova I.A. Methodological approach to assessing the level of maturity of sustainable competitiveness of innovative industrial cluster
Economic and information security
PDF PP. 165-176 Haykin M.M., Babkin A.V. Problems of economic security of industrial enterprise in the context of modern geopolitical realities
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